Rajasthan Sanskrit Sansad Shiksha Samiti (Society)

Rajasthan Sanskrit Sansad Shiksha Samiti was established in 1967 under the patronage of Dr. Ramji Lal Shastri with permanent membership of Late Shri Gouri Shankar Ji Acharya, Smt Madhu Shastri, Sri Swarup Narayan Ji Sharma and Late Shri Ram Swaroop Jaimini. The objectives of Rajasthan Sanskrit Sansad Shiksha Samiti are as under-

  • Universal Expansion of Sanskrit Language and its overall promotion and development.
  • Teaching Sanskrit, developing affection and devotion among students towards Sanskrit Language and unite them.
  • Run and manage Rajasthan Sanskrit College, Teachers’ Training School/College and similar institutes other than these institutions.
  • Organize various competitions for the universal promotion of Sanskrit Language.
  • Establish night schools, Libraries and Reading Rooms for adult education for Sanskrit.
  • Establish other Schools for general subjects other than Sanskrit language and continuous efforts for women education by establishing Women College.
  • Establishing Hostels and manage them.
  • Developing awareness about family planning and promoting ot by maximum efforts.
  • Promote the movement of disengagement of intoxication and developing awareness about it.
  • Rearing physical handicapped and destitute children and educate them.
  • Managing education and research for all types of therapies- Ayurveda/Unani/Homeopathic/Allopathic and established undergraduate and post graduate colleges for these therapies in which Diploma programs will also be included.
  • Managing all types of Vocational and Technical Education and related research works to develop personality of rural and urban students.
  • Establishing Adjustment with other departments other than society works for the development purposes, its implication, obtaining land for housing developing through purchase and lease for the benefit of society.
  • To establish different committees for the achievement of objectives.
  • To open branches and establish affiliated institutes at different places.
  • To organize competitions and publications.
  • To obtain help/funds from Central/State Government.

At present the Society is running following courses/institutions:

  • Rajasthan Sanskrit College
  • Rajasthan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya (Shiksha Shastri and B.Ed.)
  • Dr. Ramji Lal Shastri Shodh Sansthan.